Marianne Aaby is Managing Director and owner of VikingSoundWave. 

Kim Storgaard is Sales Manager and head off Marketing Department. 

Jens Posselt is the designer and acoustic engineer.
Audio has been Jens Posselt’s main hobby since he was a young teen, and he professionally worked +40 years in the audio industry.
He has pursued speakers and speaker drivers, and they have been the primary focus since the early 80s.
Since then he has developed several series and models, including the Albatross Series, which gained international recognition.
Jens tests speaker drivers from many different manufacturers. Through the many years of testing, he has gained massive expertise on speaker drivers and their traits.
He sets a goal for every listener experience. The sound should be engaging and relaxing, with a lifelike audio reproduction of the music. The emotional aspect of listening is the main target.

For some years back he produced speakers under the name Posselt Audio and the most known model is the Posselt Albatross which was sold i several countries. It was also on HiFi News journalist, Poul Messengers referencelist.

About VikingSoundWave:
Many years of speaker designing sets the foundation for the first model of VikingSoundWave. Here are several key features:

  • The tweeter is carefully selected to reproduces overtones freely, detailed, with very high
    resolution, and no tendency for intrusive resonances.
  • The newly developed woofer consists of woven polypropylene cone material, and has excellent internal damping, resulting in a low coloration and resonances. It offers a neutral and transparent sound reproduction. The voice coil, motor system, and rubber surround can reproduce the smallest of signals, which gives more transparency to the sound stage. The woofer has good long throw that insures the ability the play deep notes with great dynamics.
  • The crossover consists of 17 components, designed with a circuit to reduce TIM-distortion and is optimized to support the drivers to deliver at broad frequency spectrum, with a crossover point of 2750Hz 12dB per octave. The components are not only chosen for their excellent technical specs but have also undergone critical listening tests. The crucial crossover point between tweeter and woofer has a soft transition in phase and amplitude, which follows the theoretical optimal response curve. This technique allows the listener to experience a single unified response between the two
    speaker drivers.
  • The enclosure is constructed to reduce standing waves between the internal walls of the enclosure, by limiting the use of parallel sides. Tweeter and woofer are geometrically placed to align the acoustic center of the drivers in the listening position (sweet spot) . This placement improves coherency between the drivers and offers a more transparent sound stage.
  • The enclosure has been damped to reduce resonances, through constructing the sides as a sandwich build, that has this inherent ability.
  • The acoustic dampening in the enclosure has been selected for both the physical characteristics and many listening sessions.